Thursday, March 11, 2010

It’s Not Easy Being Green in the Land of Make Believe

Since his announcement for Governor, Allegheny County Dan Onorato has often touted his record of transforming Allegheny County into “a leader in green technology, environmental stewardship and sustainable development,” on the campaign trail.

The facts: Dan Onorato has a dismal record on the environment as evidenced by the Pittsburgh metropolitan area’s 2nd worst in the country air quality ranking, according to the American Lung Association. Recently, Pittsburgh area environmentalists sharply rebuked Allegheny County’s air quality plan as “too little, too late”, declaring that the plan, “fails to provide the basic protections of the [federal] Clean Air Act.” I find it laughable that he mentions “stopping urban sprawl”, in the embedded video above, while reputable publications such as Business Week noted that Pittsburgh was the most sprawling region in the US in 2006, Dan Onorato’s 3rd year as Allegheny County Executive.

The most egregious example of his two-faced record on the environment is his overnight flip-flop on taxing natural gas drilling in Marcellus Shale. Once again, Dan Onorato has experienced a sudden change of heart on another major issue in this race. As recent as January 11th, he expressed opposition to a tax on natural gas drilling. Strangely enough if you take a look at the bottom of page four in his position paper: “The Onorato Plan for Sustainability” it states that, “Onorato supports an impact tax on the natural gas that companies extract, which will bring Pennsylvania in line with other gas-producing states.”

More failures, fabrications and flip-flops, I guess it’s not easy being green in the land of make believe.

The Truth Is Out There.....

To all those who want to know my identity,

I am a tax-paying citizen, married with children. I cannot and will not divulge my identity due to the harm it would inflict on my family and myself. I am well aware of what happened to PittGirl. My anonymity does not discredit the validity or the accuracy of the postings on this blog. It is my hope that readers take what I write with a grain of salt and fact check on their own. I am certain you will come to same conclusions I have.

In the mean time, I would like to acknowledge some folks who were nice enough to spread the good word about this blog. Thanks to 2 Political Junkies, Lehigh Valley Ramblings, Grassroots PA, PA 2010, Whispers and Capitol Ideas, for proving someone out there is paying attention.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Dan Onorato Should Be The Next Governor

13. He knows the most important thing in this race is how your money gets spent

12. He figured out if you kick the can down the road on property reassessments you just might become governor someday

11. He thinks Robert Bork would have made a great Supreme Court Justice

10. He is pro-choice, pro-life, pro gun and pro gun control

9. Ed Rendell cannot say enough about the transit improvements he has made

8. He is committed to diversity

7. He has an impeccable record on women's issues

6. He knows that "The drink tax is nothing"

5. He always delivers for the candidates he supports

4. He only supports candidates of the highest integrity, that's why he gave Mayor Luke Ravenstahl $150k

3. He is fiscally responsible in the tough economic times

2. He is swimming in cash

1. The O'Jay's were kind enough to write his campaign song